Are you the victim of a dog bite or animal attack? You can be compensated

A dog bite is not something to be taken lightly. In actuality, it’s a direct result of a pet owner’s negligence.

Dog bites and animal attacks can cause life-long injuries – both physical and psychological. Often times, dog bite victims may require plastic surgery and physical therapists. For others, an animal attack can be particularly traumatic and cause post-traumatic stress disorder or unhealthy fears.

If you or a loved one is the victim of a dog bite or animal attack, the attorneys at Centro Legal de Accidentes are here to help.

Know your rights:

If your line of work requires house visits, it is the pet owner’s responsibility to contain their aggressive animals. Construction workers, mailmen, landscapers, and similar professionals all have rights in these situations.

The location of the attack isn’t important. Whether it’s in a private home, the neighborhood streets, or even at a dog park, the owner of the dog is still responsible.

Bites are not the only type of attack. Dogs can jump and knock people over, resulting in broken bones or other injuries.

Although dogs are the most common offenders, cats, birds, and other exotic pets are all capable of attacking.

Regardless of the situation, an attack from a non-wild animal can be tied to an owner who has not practiced the proper responsibility or care.

Centro Legal de Accidentes has years of experience in getting the medical and monetary compensation for dog bites and animal attacks. For every unique case, we have doctors and medical professionals that can help you with your case.

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