Workers have rights – you deserve full compensation for your work injury

A work injury is more than just an accident – it can be a huge loss of your time and income. If you’re the sole provider for your household, you might not be able to afford it.

An injury that turns into a disability might put your entire family in danger – standard workers compensation plans can’t account for the total amount of your pain and suffering.

To get the full compensation for your work injury, let Centro Legal de Accidentes represent you as your work injury attorney. We’ve helped thousands of victims acquire justice for their work accidents. No matter the circumstances of your injury, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help.

Work Injuries can happen in many ways:

  • Defective products
  • Toxic substances
  • Intentional misconduct from your employer or coworkers

Many workers are afraid to report their work injury – they fear losing their job or their good standing within the company. But it’s important to understand that you have rights as a worker to protect you from these consequences. Our attorneys are experts in work injury and workers compensation law and will build a solid case to protect you and your family.

The attorneys at Centro Legal de Accidentes care about your personal and physical well-being. You’ll be provided with doctors and medical specialists for all of your physical and psychological injuries. If you’re unable to visit us at our office, we will gladly come to you to discuss the details of your case.

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