Receive full medical and financial compensation for your auto accident

So many things can go wrong in a car accident.

Even if you’re fortunate enough to escape a car accident with only minor injuries, the situation is still difficult for most people to handle. It’s easy to forget to take pictures of the accident, to talk to witnesses, or to collect insurance information.

If the accident is serious, you might not have the chance to collect this information on your own. On top of recovering from your injuries, you’ll have to sort through insurance claims and medical bills.

No one should have to face the trauma of a car accident alone. You’re going to need a good attorney to get through it all.

Centro Legal de Accidentes can help.
We’ve helped thousands of victims recovery monetary compensation for the damages they’ve suffered. If your injury prevents you from visiting our office, our attorneys will come to you. Our attorneys care about your physical well-being and want to provide their legal help for your accident.

We have experience in accidents of:

What do I do after an accident?

  • Minimize contact with insurance companies. The other party’s insurance company has no interest in helping you – the information they want from you could result in thousands of dollars lost in compensation.
  • Collaborate with the police and request copies of all the reports.
  • Accept all medical help that is offered. Sometimes, the injuries sustained in a car accident won’t become apparent until later. If you haven’t yet seen a doctor for possible injuries, we can provide you with some.
  • Photos of the accident and witness testimonies can all go toward building your case. Try to get this information if possible.
  • Call Centro Legal de Accidentes and get the help of an attorney.

Your injuries and psychological pain will not be overlooked – we have years of experience in auto accidents and always demand the best for our clients. No matter the circumstances, we’ll earn the maximum financial compensation for your lost time and suffering.
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